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Pygmalion 2.0

Essentially a gender reversal of Ovid’s classical story Pygmalion,  this new version of the tale follows a pioneering scientist of artificial intelligence in her mid-thirties, who comes to the realisation that the future of humanity depends on re-engineering the entire male sex. She sets out to artificially create the ‘perfect’ man of the future, but the results of her experiment are far from what she expected… The show is currently previewing in London.


Supported by the PRS for music foundation “Women Make Music”. 



Previous operetta reviews:

"A pitch-perfect operetta. Stunning show." Metro 2012

"A wonderful musical tale of attraction, love and despair in the internet age" Three Weeks 2012

"I simply loved it" Paul Guest, Huffington Post 2012

The sun on sunday's top ten picks of the Fringe

"A breath of fresh air." West end frame 2013

"Quick-witted... Delightfully Debussyan score." What's on Stage 2013


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